Cleaning your house is very important for it to look nice and comfortable to stay in.  Even if you clean it too hard you will still see some dirt in it.  Even, Carpet cleaning company in Overland Park , they would tell you that cleaning even a simple carpet would be very hard and takes a lot of time to finish and of course, it would cost too much money if you want someone to clean it for you.  For example, you spill some coffee or tea or juice and even some other liquids on the carpet, it would really take a long time before you totally remove the stain or smell of it in your carpet.  Debris of the foods are also some common problems in cleaning your carpets. After you washed the carpet, the hardest thing to do now is to let it dry. We don’t know sometimes how long it would take before it will totally become dry.  The bottom of your shoes or slippers have a lot of other things in it. So, it is very important to get to know some basic and useful ways to clean your carpet.   


Here are some friendly tips and ideas to get easily removed the stains or dirt from your carpet.  

IF THERE IS STAIN, DON’T RUB THEM TOO HARD JUST BLOT THE STAINS: Using the house cleaning solution and a clean cloth or even paper towels or maybe a sponge. You can use it to remove the stain from your carpet. When we say blotting, it means you put a little pressure on it rubbing the stains in the carpet. Rubbing too much on the carpet would cause the fibers and particles of the carpet to become not so good to see and will totally be broken down those fibers.   

CLUB SODA SOLUTION PROCESS: It sounds not so familiar to you but it is really true that it is very effective. Using this kind of solution correctly will give you a very ice outcome and result. Put a little of soda to the part. Blotting is the solution, don’t rub too hard. If this way doesn’t work, add a little part of white vinegar to it. Spray a little to the stain or dirt. Let it soak for about 10 to 20 minutes. Try doing it again and again until it is removed. If the stain is totally gone, you can hire professional maid cleaning  

SHAVING CREAM TO TRY: One of the best way to clean the carpet is to use shaving cream. It will totally remove every kind of stains in your carpet. You just have to apply the shaving cream directly to the place where the stain is located. Try to stay the shaving cream to the stain for about 30 minutes to 40 minutes. After few minutes of waiting, try to blot it away using a clean white cloth or paper towel. Spray with vinegar for the last part to wipe it away totally.