Regardless if you have a decorative concrete driveway or a nice concrete patio, you would like to make sure that you do whatever you could to keep it durable and attractive for long periods of time. Once you utilize concrete sealers, it could greatly help protect your concrete as it provides extra benefits. 


There are 3 major kinds of sealers: integral, penetrating, and topical. Topical sealers are set on the concrete’s surface, which forms a protective layer. These are the ideal selections for both outdoor and indoor applications. Meanwhile, penetrating sealers can, in fact, penetrate the concrete, forming a chemical barrier that keeps it from moisture. On the other hand, integral sealers are incorporated into the concrete mix prior to it leaving the plant. With integral sealers, you get the similar benefit that a topical sealer offers, but the only difference is that the sealing would start right away. Despite which kind of concrete sealer you opt for, you could enjoy the following benefits listed below: 

Prevents mold 

Concrete is permeable, meaning it can absorb moisture. If this moisture does not dry, it has a tendency to develop mold. Mildew and mold could develop on concrete that’s left wet for a long period of time. This could be one of the reasons why green discoloration appears on a concrete’s surface. Once your concrete is sealed, you prevent mold growth. This aids in keeping your concrete look better and protect it over time.  


Improves the durability 

Once the exterior concretes is exposed to the scaling, cracking, elements and other typical issues of concrete can take place. Although, you can improve the concrete’s durability through sealing your concrete. Doing this can actually prevent your concrete from damaging. If you would like to make sure that your concrete works well and looks great, concrete sealer would definitely be a wise choice to consider. 


Prolongs life 

A concrete driveway could last for approximately 25 up to 30 years. However, once it undergoes from cracking or discoloration, you might realize that you have to replace it as soon as possible. Concrete sealers could actually boost the tendency that the concrete would last for about the approximated years. 


Gives protection 

There are a lot of things out there that could destruct your concrete. This, it is vital to protect it. Sealer is one of those things that can help your concrete to be protected from stains and oil spills, as well as the harmful UV rays from the sun. Moreover, sealer would lock out moisture, hence, thawing and freezing would not damage it.  


Improves color 

Concretes could be discolored the moment they are exposed to the elements. This could make the application of concrete seem old and dingy. Integral and topical sealers could maintain the color of your concrete since they will keep it looking sharp and clean. Also, sealers will protect your concrete from the elements. Having those types of sealers on your concrete would definitely enhance its color.