The carpet boom basically lasts for decades. Warmer than tile or wood and soft underfoot, stepping on your fluffy carpet seems like the top of comfort. However, did you know that your carpet may trap pathogens such as staph and E. coli and also, can trigger allergies? As a matter of fact, your carpets are very good at accumulating nasty things which they are four thousand times dirtier as compared to a toilet seat. The following are some of the amazing bedroom flooring ideas you need to consider to get inspired: 

  1. Luxury Vinyl Tile 

The vinyl has come a very long way from a linoleum. Tiles that come from luxury vinyl can definitely mimic the appearance of any style you are rooting for. These are marble-like square tiles, travertine, ceramic slate, as well as wood-look planks. 

The 3-layered composition makes it even water-resistant and very durable. If you are looking for the best floors for your bedroom, you cannot go wrong it this luxury vinyl tile. 

  1. Hardwoods

Hardwoods are the most elegant and luxurious flooring of all. They are so long-wearing and durable than wood flooring from 1800s, for instance, can be restored and refinished to the centuries-old glory. In addition to that, they also give an extent of natural beauty which you would be hard-pressed to look for any other floors. The types of grain pattern and wood-tone add class and interest to your room. There is such a variety with hardwoods which you will be able to personalize yours to your personal preferences. And you can have it refinished by a professional hardwood floor refinishing Calgary service provider as well. 

  1. Ceramic Tile

Like the vinyl tile, a ceramic tile may be made to appear like wood planks or maybe, you may go bold with a Moroccan or geometric tile. The bedroom of yours is actually your private haven, therefore, you should make one with what you desire. Even an ordinary tile laid in a herringbone or chevron pattern elevates your bedroom style and adds visual interest. A tile is usually colder than vinyl or wood. If you are living in cold places, you will want to consider placing a carpet under the bed in order to reduce the morning chill. However, if you are living in warmer locations, on the other hand, that is a good thing. Either way, you will still get a warm and fluffy comfort that way. 

  1. Painted Subfloor

 If you are searching for cheap flooring tips for a bedroom, consider painting the subfloor. After you get rid of the tack strips and carpet, provide your subfloor with a deep clean. Then, you may want to sand the rough portions and after that, paint. You can also use stencils or tape down a design for more significant impact. The good thing is, you may repaint over it or build a whole new flooring when you are ready to make those alterations. 

  1. Cork

Cork floor tiles are usually overlooked. The natural substance is soft, springy, as well as warm. It also offers insulation from heat and noise.